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Foo Fighters – Dear Lover tab

SONG= Dear lover
BAND= Foo fighters
TABBER= Roy J. Burks
Foo Fighters = Dear Lover
(Normal Tuning)

Chords C D Dsus Em G A7 Am7e||--0---2---0---0---3---0---0--||B||--1---3---3---0---3---2---1--||G||--0---2---2---0---0---0---0--||D||--2---0---0---2---0---2---2--||A||--3-----------2---2---0---0--||E||--------------0---3----------||
And thats the whole song dude's and dudet's Album: My Hero Single(U.K), Japanese Colour & the Shape, Scream 2 Soundtrack Thanx to-Roy J. Burks for the original TAB Also-The foo's tab site for so many guitar tabs
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