Watershed tab with lyrics by Foo Fighters - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Foo Fighters – Watershed tab

Artist: Coal Chamber
Song: Watershed
Album: Dark Days
Tabed by: Billhoward
Email: billhoward@krock.com (no shitty spam either)
Tuning: AEADGB

|---------|------------------------------||---------|------------------------------||---------|------------------------------||---------|-0---------0----------------0-||-5b--5b--|-0--5-6-5--0--5-6-5--5-6-5--0-||---------|-0---------0----------------0-| ?? ??
|-------------||-------------||-------------||-55-88-33-???||-55-88-33-???||-55-88-33-???| ^ too lazy to figure it out now, will have it soon
im not sure about the next part, i'll figure it out in a while or send me an email.
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