Foot Ox – Colored Pinwheel chords

No way are these the right lyrics, if you can figure them out let me know

G C Dcolored pinwheel spin inside of me
G C D Bm C Ddon't hold back because holding back's a laugh
G C D upset spider spin a web that looks like
G C D Bm C Dveins carrying them through my upset head
(This could also be a B, see what sounds better to you) v
(Bm) C D C Bm G D Cyou have got a life that's stretched out inside of you
D Cso strange to think about
Bm C D C Bm G D Cthey would want to try and tear it from you
D Cput your hands under him
G C Dmother your arms are not long enough to
G C D Bm C Dreach around this life i made all by myself
G C Dslums are billowing puffing smoke
G C D Bm C Dinto the air and into years and out of it
Bm C D C Bm G D Cwithout without without them hearing them yell
D Cso strange to think about
Bm C D C Bm G D Ci know inside my heart that coming out's dead
D C Gso strange to think about
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