For King And Country – Baby Boy chords ver. 2

Capo 1- Acoustic Verison
Capo 2- Studio Version
Intro:     E   A(x2)

E AIf you told me all about your sorrows
E AI'd tell you about a cure
E AIf you told me you can't fight the battle
BThere's a Baby Boy who won the war
A The war was won by a Baby Boy
A C#mAlleluia, we can sing it
B A E B Alleluia, Heaven's ringing
C#m BAlleluia!
AEndless hope and relentless joy started with a Baby Boy
E AOh, before that silent night
E ANo Savior and no Jesus Christ
E AThe world cried out so desperately
BAnd the Baby Boy was the reply,
AYes, Heaven's reply was a baby boy
Chorus Intrumental: (with some Woah Oh Ohhs) E C#m A B
ESee, the King is coming down
C#mAnd He's here without a crown
AThe Baby Boy without a bed
BGiving life back to the dead
EAnd hear the angels shout it out
C#mAs the people come and bow.
AUnexpected majesty
BAlleluia, what a King
Chorus (Repeat as Necessary) Thanks!!!
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