Foreigner - Cold As Ice tab version 2

I wasn't able to really find any good tabs for this anywhere, so I ended up just watching
it live and seeing some people cover it. I think it's pretty spot on...

Well, here it is- <-------From here to--------------------------> { there you can do hammer ons and pull offs } { if you want, but i don't }e[-------------------------------7-6-7--11-10-11--14----18--14----]B[-------------------------7-6-7-------------------------------16-]G[-------------------8-7-8----------------------------------------]D[-------------9-8-9----------------------------------------------]A[-------9-8-9----------------------------------------------------]E[-7-6-7----------------------------------------------------------]Between 7 and 11 theres no optional pull or hammer on. Unless you already found som way make that work or something...
Then...Again, optional pull offs and hammer ons.[-------------------------------7-6-7-11-11--9---------][-------------------------7-6-7----------------12--11--][-------------------8-7-8------------------------------][-------------9-8-9------------------------------------][-------9-8-9------------------------------------------][-7-6-7------------------------------------------------]
Key: / = slide Um, that's the only real thing i used. Well, it's a pretty cool solo, not too hard but sounds cool. Rock on. Peace
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