Forever The Sickest Kids - Tough Love tab

Just learned this by ear.. i hope you like it.. for comments and suggestions or 
even requests, pm me at OR

Intro/Outro (lead):

Just try to listen to the song to get the timing :D Intro/Outro (rhythm):
E|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------| (2x)D|-1------7-8--|A|-1-(2x)-7-8--|D|-1------7-8--|
Verse (lead): either non-existent or i just don't know XD Verse (rhythm):
E|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------| (2x) thenD|-1-----x-7-x-8-x-x-| D|-8------0-|A|-1-(2x)x-7-x-8-x-x-| A|-8-(4x)-0-|D|-1-----x-7-x-8-x-x-| D|-8------0-|
Pre-Chorus (rhythm):
Just listen to the song to know how many times you have to strum the non-zeroes.. those zeroes are there just to make better chord switches Chorus (rhythm):
E|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------| D|-8---3---1/5\3---| (2x) A|-8---3---1/5\3---|D|-8---3---1/5\3---|
Again, just listen to the song so you know how many times should you strum :D Bridge (lead): i don't know it yet XD Bridge (rhythm):
E|----------------|B|----------------|G|--------8--10---| (2x)D|-3--5---8--10---|A|-3--5---6--8----|D|-3--5-----------|
Yet again, just listen to the song for timing :D Progression Intro Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Intro (not sure if it has lead or not) Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus (2x) Outro i hope you guys like it :D oh, and please rate :)))))))))
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