Forgive Durden - Im A Sucker For Fakes tab

                                 Forgive Durden
                             Im A Sucker For Fakes

Tabbed By: JamJar

Intro/Main Patterne------------------------------------------------------|B--------4------------2-------------4------------0-----|G------------------------------------------------------|D-----4----4-------4----4--------4----4-------4---(4)--|A--2------------0--------------------------------------|E----------------------------4------------3------------| 4x I'll classify every word out of your lips...
Chord Chart E F# B B7e|---0--- e|---2--- e|---2--- e|---2---|B|---0--- B|---2--- B|---4--- B|---4---|G|---1--- G|---3--- G|---4--- G|---2---|D|---2--- D|---4--- D|---4--- D|---4---|A|---2--- A|---4--- A|---2--- A|---2---|E|---0--- E|---2--- E|---x--- E|---x---|
Em D#m C#m C#m7e|---7--- e|---6--- e|---4--- e|---4---|B|---8--- B|---7--- B|---5--- B|---5---|G|---9--- G|---8--- G|---6--- G|---4---|D|---9--- D|---8--- D|---6--- D|---6---|A|---7--- A|---6--- A|---4--- A|---4---|E|---x--- E|---x--- E|---x--- E|---x---|
E F# Held as the king of decievers and cheats B B7 D#m You've got a lot to learn C#m More best friends to burn E Em B B7 More malignant lies to conjure D#m I'm down and out for now C#m But till the day you die E Em I will haunt your dreams
Main Patterne------------------------------------------------------|B--------4------------2-------------4------------0-----|G------------------------------------------------------|D-----4----4-------4----4--------4----4-------4---(4)--|A--2------------0--------------------------------------|E----------------------------4------------3------------| 4x When you decide to paint your white picket fence...
E F# Smother the true grace of your tainted life B B7 D#mi7 You've got more guts to churn C#mi7 An eternity to burn E Em B B7 You're about as innocent as cancer D#mi7 I'm down and out for now C#mi7 But till the day you die E Em I will haunt your dreams BRIDGE C#m7 E I hope your breathing doesn't come easy C#m7 E And I pray to God I'm all you dream E Hope you feel my touch C#m7 Hear my voice E Taste my lips with every sip of noise C#m7 E Save your tears Don't apologize C#m7 E (Goes Silent) All you'll hear is goodbye Until you're a...
Main Patterne------------------------------------------------------|B--------4------------2-------------4------------0-----|G------------------------------------------------------|D-----4----4-------4----4--------4----4-------4---(4)--|A--2------------0--------------------------------------|E----------------------------4------------3------------|...Memory
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