Format – Seven Digit Pin Code tab

The song is pretty simple, and I'm pretty sure these are the right chords.

P.S. I don't remember the name of some of these chords, so I kinda guessed.

G:    320003
D:    x00323
C:    x32010
Em:   022000
Bm7?: x24430
Db:   x00212
Bm:   x24432


G D C D x4

G              Em            Bm7
They found my body near the river.
Now all the poeple in our town they think it was your father.

     C               G                C              G
I didn't get your consent, but thats how I make my rent.
the vouyer.
      C                 G                  D           Db
It's hard to make a friend when it's too hard to put down the lense
      Em        C    D
and so... I float.
(Repeat Verse)
(Repeat the pre-chorus 2x once without the last two chords "c" & "d")

G           Bm                      C                       Bm
Take off your clothes. Stand by the window so I can see the scar that sits
D                      G               Bm                     
below your navel. and OHH with the rosary, how I wish that was me.
                   Bm              D             G D 
D  G D C D  G D 
How I wish I could rest upon your chest forever. I float. I float. I float.

*You get the idea of how the rest is played. Same deal. That's what I got out of it, and 
how I always play it. Hope you like it.
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