Format - Career Day tab

Capo at 5th fret.

        Em D Em D

The D Chord would be played like this to sound like the song:]---2---2-3-2-0-----|]---3---3-3-3-3-----|]---2---2-3-2-2-----|]---0---0-0-0-0-----|]---0---0-0-0-0-----|]-------------------|
Verse: D Em7"Today's been a career day futures made and fortunes lost" Em7 ]--3-- ]--0-- ]--0-- ]--2-- ]--2-- ]--0--
Chorus: Em"She's sayin, it's too late to wish success" ]--0-- ]--0-- ]--0-- ]--7-- ]--7-- ]--5--
Em"So get undressed and please just come to bed." ]--0-- ]--3-- ]--4-- ]--5-- ]--5-- ]--x--D G Em "Cause I'm the last real thing you've got...."
D G D G D "Is that all you've got?.." Break: Gm D Gm D Em love close your eyes and cover, cover your ears, for the end is near but Gm the beginning is here. Outro: Same chords as intro.
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