Forty Days - I Run tab

band: forty days
song: i run
album: everyday
tabbed by: rww_1323
band website:

i can't believe there isn't any forty days on here. this is an awesome song off their album "everyday".

standard tuning: capo 2CHORDS: E5 Eadd7 E5 E? C#m Bsuse|---0--------7--------0------0---------0-----------0-----|B|---0--------0--------0------0---------0-----------0-----|G|---9--------9--------9------8---------6-----------4-----|D|---9--------9--------9------9---------6-----------4-----|A|---7--------0--------7------7---------4-----------2-----|E|---0--------0--------0------0---------0-----------0-----|
reg. E A2e|---0-------0-------|B|---0-------0-------|G|---1-------2-------|D|---2-------2-------|A|---2-------0-------|E|---0-------0-------|
Intro: E5 Eadd7, E5 Eadd7 x1 then right into the verse Verse: same pretty much E5 Eadd7 E5 E? i've never had a day like this C#m Bsus when things become clear, and i can feel you near E5 Eadd7 E5 E? i've never had to pray like this C#m Bsus it's all that i can do, to see me through the fear E-E-A2-A2 (hold A2) but when my faith begins to fail me E-E-Bsus-Bsus (hold Bsus) and i can't find my way Chorus: C#m Bsus i run, i fall, A2 into the arms of my Father Bsus to a love like no other C#m Bsus i walk, i crawl, A2 it doesn't matter how i get here Bsus only that i can be hear at all back to intro: x1 then back to verse 2 verse 2: (same as 1) of all that seems to cloud my mind, is how can i be strong, and how do i move on. but i know You will never fail, you will be my way CHORUS: Bridge: E Bsus and i will call upon You, Lord C#m for You are worthy to be praised A2 so shall i be saved (repeat) x2 CHORUS: quiet (strum each chord once) Any questions/comments email:
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