Foster The People - Dont Stop Color On The Walls chords

"Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)"
Foster The People

Chords Used: B A D G Ge:|------| e:|------| e:|------| e:|-------| e:|-------|B:|------| B:|------| B:|------| B:|---12--| B:|-------|G:|-8----| G:|-6----| G:|-11---| G:|---12--| G:|-4-----|D:|---9--| D:|---7--| D:|---12-| D:|---12--| D:|---5---|A:|---9--| A:|---7--| A:|---12-| A:|-10----| A:|---5---|E:|-7----| E:|-5----| E:|-10---| E:|-------| E:|-3-----|
Lyrics: Verse:
BWalk Little Walk Small Talk Big Thoughts
A D G AGonna Tell 'Em All Just What I Want
BThat Street Two streets I see You And Me
A D G AHanging On The Empty Swings
BCount High Low, Don't Worry My Eyes Are Closed
A D G AI'm The Superman And It's My Show
B One Shoe Two, Gonna Kick With My New Shoes
AI'm Gonna Kick Until I Need New Shoes
Yeah! Yeah! Chorus:
G A GI Said Don't Stop, Don't Stop, Don't Stop Talking To Me
G A GStop! Don't Stop, Don't Stop Giving Me Things
(These Are One Of Those Times When We're Gonna Have A Lot Of Fun) Verse 2:
BI Run They Run Everybody Run Run
A D G AAnd We're All Just Having Fun
BSleigh Ride Boat Ride Piggybacka Ride
A D G AI'm Gonna Show Em' All How I Can Ride
BOne, Two, Three Close Your Eyes And Count To Four
A D G AI'm Gonna Hide Behind My Bedroom Door
BCrayons On Walls, I'll Color On Them All
A I'll Draw Until I've Broken Every Law
Yeah! Yeah! Chorus 2:
G A GDon't Stop, Don't Stop, Don't Stop Talking To Me
G A GStop! Don't Stop, Don't Stop Giving Me Things
G A GStop! Don't Stop, Don't Stop Laughing About It
GStop! Don't Stop, Don't Stop Taking Me Places
Solo: For The Solo, I use a chorus pedal on high (for a slight tremelo and added sustain) and a slight overdrive pedal.
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