Fountains Of Wayne - Hung Up On You chords version 1

Artist: Fountains of Wayne
Song: Hung Up on You 
Album: Welcome Interstate Managers
Updated by: 'topher Adapted from: Naseem Hyder 

G/C is:e|--3---|B|--1---|G|------|D|------|A|--2---|E|--3---|
G While I down Kentucky bourbon
AmI am waiting for a call
DAnd the moon and stars tonight
GAre playing shadows on the wall
G G/CWith the moon the way it is, dear
CWould you answer out of spite
D G Or are you feeling lonely tonight
GCause I remember last time
AmWe were out under the stars
DDriving crooked down the highway
GDrinking beer in roadside bars
G G/CAnd now and then I wonder
CWhy this painful memory
D GCan never find its way to you from me
GAnd I can't dial the phone just now
CEven though I know your number
D GCan't bring my broken heart to be untrue
GLike you did today
CYou'll say goodbye the same old way
DEver since you hung up on me
GI'm hung up on you
Well the house I'm ringing up from Is a half a mile from you But with the reception I'm getting Might as well be Timbuktu And behind the door of your home Is a strange and foreign land Where you speak a language I don't understand CHORUS Now I'm going down to Jimmy's bar Like a thousand other times With an appetite for poison And a suitcase full of dimes And I'll wait there by the payphone With one hundred other guys With those sorry hung-up teardrops in our eyes CHORUS
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