Fountains Of Wayne - Girl I Cant Forget tab

A        C#m     Bm     Esus4   E 

Well she picked me up in a German car
and she took me out to an Irish bar
where I drank some beer in a plastic cup
       E		D
'til I had some trouble standing up
And then she drove downtown to a strobe-lit space
where all the guys wore chains and the thumping bass
was so intense I could barely feel my face
and I think I asked her back to my place

    F#m	            Bm7
But that's all I recall
           E 		  A
and when I woke up in the hall
       F#m             Bm7
I was alone and softly groaning
       E                 Fdim
and I lost my keys and I lost my phone
       F#m          Bm7
and I wonder what I did or said
     E               A
that I might soon regret
         F#m		Bm7
It was a night I can't remember
	 E                A
with the girl I can't forget   

Repeat intro:
C#m      Bm          Esus4    E

Well I was reeling, watching the ceiling spin
the next evening when my friends walked in
and when I asked them if they knew where I'd been
            E                          D
they didn't speak at first, they only grinned
You see I'm not the type to get in fights
but that might not have been the case last night
because they heard that I had a word or two
with a man who asked, "Is she with you?"

         F#m		    Bm7
And if I took it the wrong way
               E              A
I guess that's not for me to say
          F#m               Bm7
though it seems I may have slipped up
        E                Fdim
when I offered him some grooming tips
        F#m               Bm7
But at least that helps explain
             E             A
the cuts and bruises on my head
         F#m           Bm7
from the night I can't remember
         E            A
with the girl I can't forget

C#m     F#m      Bm     E   C#m

And it's all coming back now   
Don't know how to react now    
Guess I'll let it go
I'm not so sure I want to know

Well I was back at work at 9:15
when a message popped up on my screen
It said, "Pick me up at 8:45
and we can give it one more try"

    F#m               Bm7
And now that I'm with her
                E              A
the whole thing seems a bit absurd
           F#m             Bm7
though she never fails to tell the tale
       E                Fdim
of the time she had to post my bail
        F#m         Bm7
And for giving me a second chance
        E           A
I'm forever in her debt
          F#m              Bm7
since the night I can't remember
          E                        D A D A D A Bm A A6
she's the girl I won't ever forget
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