Fountains Of Wayne - Fire In The Canyon tab

Artist      : Fountains Of Wayne
Track       : Fire In The Canyon
Album       : Traffic & Weather (2007)
I am        : Mohamed Hassan, 23, Egypt
contact     :

Hey everyone,one of the album highlights,starts in C.

Intro :

C There's fire in the canyon G/B Am Rain on the plain F Em and an eerie kind of sadness G C on the highway today C Was it driving together G/B Am that drove us apart F Em But do we change directions G chasing arrows and hearts C G We've been wondering alone Am such a long time F G lose our ways we go town to town Dm G Leave us to be born C C/B Am Into a path strayed and narrow F Dm C On every crooked road we travel down Intro x2 then same chords for second verse Bridge: (key change to D) D I ride this motorway F#m For a thousand miles a day G Till the road runs outta black top A Right will this world away D Each time the Staten ring F#m I know each one by name G Cause this world is wrapped around me A D And I wear it like a chain Solo : (I tried To put the chord changes as close as I could) ------
D A Bm--5-------------------------------------5p7--5---7-------------------------------------------6(6p7r6)-4-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G A----------------5-----------------|-------------7--------------------|---0-4s7-7------------------------|----------------------------------|---------------------5-4-2-0------|----------------------------------|
D A Bm--5-----5---------------------------------5p7--5p7-5s7-7s5----------8----------------------------------7--4s6--------7---------------------------------------9----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G A---5s7--5-----------10-----------------|------------8--5s8---------------------|-------------------------------6-----7-|----------------------------7-----7----|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|
D A We've been wondering alone Bm such a long time G A lose our ways we go town to town Em A Leave us to be born D D/C# Bm Into a path strayed and narrow G Em D On every crooked road we travel down Outro:
----2-3-2-0-0-0h2---|----3-3-3-3-3-3-----|----2-2-2-2-2-2-----|--0-----------------|--------------------|--------------------| x2
That's it for the chords,any comments or requests just send to
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