Four Seasons - Tell It To The Rain tab

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                         "Tell It To The Rain"
                          (Petrillo - Cifelli)

Intro:	[guitar in sliding sixths; doubled by piano octave lower]

v v v v v v v v -----12----10--8-|-------3---1---0-| -----------------|-----------------| -----12----10--9-|-------3---2---0-| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1: C Dm7/C G/C F/C C You're cryin' now just like I used to cry before (rain, rain, rain) C Dm7/C Bb G Turn off the tears, girl, I don't care anymore Cm7 F7 Dm7 G7 You can save all your lies 'cause I've heard them all before Chorus: C Tell it to the rain and the stars that shine above Dm7/C That it's me you're thinking of G And I'm your love [3: Forget him, love] [1: C; repeat intro; to verse 2 2: Cm; to break 3: C; repeat intro; repeat chorus 4,5: low C on cellos; repeat chorus] Tell it to the rain Verse 2: I gave you love, girl, and got nothing in return (rain, rain, rain) How does it feel to feel what I had to learn Baby don't say you're sorry 'cause I'm just not concerned [repeat chorus] Break: Cm Cm/Bb (Tell it baby) yeah Cm/Ab (Tell it baby) yeah (Tell it baby) Cm/G G Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [45: all "yeah"s are same pitch; LP: last five are higher] [3X: bass and guitar alone 1st time sound effects and piano enter 2nd time drums enter 3rd time] Cm Cm/Bb Cm/Ab Cm/G / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / [repeat chorus to fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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