Four Tops – Seven Rooms Of Gloom tab

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                           "7 Rooms Of Gloom"
                      (Holland - Dozier - Holland)

Intro/Chorus 1:

	 Bbm              Gb
	   I see a house,    a house of stone
	(Seven           rooms)
	    A lonely house 'cause now you've gone
	(Filled                         with gloom)
	             Abm                                    Emaj7
	      Seven rooms, that's all it is, seven rooms of gloom
	(Just seven rooms                                of gloom)
	            Amaj7      D
	 I live with emptiness
	(Filled with emptiness)
	Without your tenderness

Verse 1:

	              Ebm          Ebm/Gb
	You took the dream I had for us
	           Abm       Ebm/Bb
	Turned my dreams into dust
	             Ebm       Ebm/Gb
	I watch the phone never rings
	            Abm             Ebm/Bb
	I watch the door that never rings
	          Ebm         Ebm/Gb
	Bring you back into my life
	          Abm          Ebm/Gb
	Turn this darkness into light
	         Ebm         Ebm/Gb
	I'm all alone in this house
	           Ab         Ebm/Bb
	Turn this house into a home

	Cb6          Cb      Gb         Bb7/D
	I need your touch to comfort me
	Cb6                 Cb        Gb          Bb7/D
	The tender, tender arms that once held me

Chorus 2:

	Without your love, your love inside
	This house is just a place to run and hide
	Seven rooms, that's all it is - seven rooms of gloom
	Rooms of emptiness
	Without your tenderness

Verse 2:

	Don't make me live from day to day
	Watching the clock that ticks away
	Another day, another way
	Another reason for me to stay
	I need you here, here with me
	I need your loving desperately
	I'm all alone, all alone
	In this house that's not a home

	I miss your love I once had known
	I miss your kiss that was my very, very own

Chorus 3:

	Empty silence surrounding me
	Lonely walls they stare at me
	Seven rooms, that's all it is - rooms of gloom
	I live with emptiness
	Without your tenderness

Verse 3:

	All the windows are painted black
	And wait right here until you come back
	I'll keep waiting, waiting
	Until your face again I see

	[continue w/unintelligible backing vocals to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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