Four Year Strong – For Our Fathers chords

Tabbed by UrAvgAzn

Standard Tuning
No Capo

G     - 320033
D     - xx0232
Cadd9 - 032030
Em7   - 022030


e|------3--------------2-------------0--------0------------|B|----3----3---3-----3----3---3----3----3---3-----------3--|G|-----------0--------------2-------------0-----------0----| x2D|-----------------0--------------------------------2------|A|-------------------------------3----------------3--------|E|-3-------------------------------------------------------|
G D The TV's on and I look around
Cadd9 And nobody is watching
G D Cadd9 They have all gone to live their lives
G DI sit down on the couch and I
Cadd9 Finally start to realise
G D Cadd9 Lately living hasn't even crossed my mind
Em7 Cadd9 I used to live sometimes
Em7 Cadd9 I used to live sometimes
Interlude: Repeat intro tab
G D I walk out the door and look up
Cadd9 And everybody's flying
G D Cadd9 But I can't seem to get up off the ground
G D I strain my eyes to catch a glimpse
Cadd9 But they're all off and soaring
G D Cadd9 I guess I'll wait for them to come back down
Em7 Cadd9I used to fly sometimes
Em7 Cadd9 D I used to fly sometimes
Cadd9 G Cadd9 G I loved hearing about the good old days and remember when
Cadd9 G D You teaching me about love and that there's nothing like a friend
Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Because even though the good old days, they came and went
Cadd9 G D I'll hang on to every word until the end
Interlude: Repeat intro tab
G D I know that you've sacrificed
Cadd9 And did it all for me
G D Cadd9 I hope you know you've never let me down
G D I know it wasn't easy
Cadd9 To let me go into the world
G D Cadd9 I hope the man that I've become has made you proud
Em7 Cadd9 I hope you're proud of me sometimes
Em7 Cadd9 D G(hold) I hope you're proud of me sometimes
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