Foxboro Hot Tubs – Dark Side Of Night tab

DARK SIDE OF NIGHT- The Foxboro Hot Tubs
Tabbed by: Zach Galland
Email: kapnzach
Tuning: Standard

This is one of my favorite hot tubs songs, and I couldn’t figure out the outro, but ill 
put it up later. Email me if anything is wrong.

Flute Solo intro E A G E E A G Ee|----------------------------------------------/12--------------|B|--8-10---12---10h12-10---8-------8-10---12/17-----10---8-------|G|9------9---------------9---9---9------9--------------9---9-----|D|---------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
E A Bleeding me G E Though my heart is dry E A This knife is a symbol G E The dark side of night E A Killer's on the run G E With a halo of lies E A Raising the hell within us G E As the angels fly E A There's a rain tonight G C Falling from the sky E A B5 There's a liar's moon tonight, The dark side of night
E A G E E A G Ee|---------------------------------------------12----------------|B|--8-10---12---10h12-10---8-------8-10---12v-----10\8/10\8-12v--|G|9------9---------------9---9---9------9------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
The secret chasm Hole in my heart Fire's raging on us Burning like a scar Made of flesh and blood My soul's made of stone My flame is burning out now Nightmares alone There's a rain tonight Falling from the sky There's a liar's moon tonight The dark side of night | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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