Fra Lippo Lippi – Later chords

Intro: G-D/F#-F-E7

GHow can you come with me
D/F# F E7When you knew all along that you had to go
Am Am/GHow could you watch me sleep close to you
FM9 Dsus4-DPretending not to know
G D/F#How could you memorize my name
F E7And forget who I am
Am Am/GHow could you think you're still the same
FM9 Dsus4-DBelieving I can
G AmIt's too late to start pretending
G/B Cadd9It's too late for a new beginning
Em7Later than the sunset
Am Am/G FM9-Dsus4-DLater than the rain
Em7Later than never
Dsus4-D GTo love you again
BbHow could you ask for more
BbM7Than an innocent smile
Bbsus4 GTrust in me to stay
Cm7How could you close the door
Cm7/BbAnd leave me here
G# FSupposing I'm okay
Bb F/AHow could you break down my disguise
Fm/Ab GAnd uncover my fears
Cm7 Cm7/BbHow could you look into my eyes
G# FIgnoring my tears
Bb Cm7It's too late to start pretending
Dm7#5 Ebsus9 It's too late for a new beginning
Gm7Later than the sunset
Cm7 Bb G# FLater than the rain
Gm7Later than never
Fsus4 BbTo love you again
Cm7-Dm7#5-Ebsus9-Gm7-F/A-Gm7-Dm7-Cm7-Cm7-Fsus4-Fsus4 Repeat Chorus then go to Coda Coda Cm7-Dm7#5-Ebsus9-Gm7-F/A-Gm7-Dm7-C#-Cm7-Fsus4
BbIt's too late
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