Frames - Starstar tab

                       Star, star
                                   by "The Frames"
This is my favourite frames song by far. 
A masterpiece by Glen Hansard & Co. Check out other frames songs, definitely
work playing!!  *Alan4*

I have incorrect lyrics so there's no point posting them!! Sorry
Use thes barre chords for the verse which give the song a lovely soundVerse; E B A Be------0-------0-------0-------0--|B------0-------0-------0-------0--|G------1-------8-------6-------8--|D------2-------9-------7-------9--|A------2-------9-------7-------9--|E------0-------7-------5-------7--|
For the Prechorus use C#m, A and Band star,star , teach me how to shine, C#m A Be---0---0---0---|B---5---0---0---|G---6---6---8---|D---6---7---9---|A---4---7---9---|E---0---5---7---|
That's really it. If you have any difficulties, corrections, or comments, mail me: *Alan4*
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