Frames – Finally tab

                                   by "The Frames"

Chords; Bm D G F#m Em Ae--7----10----3----2----0----0----|B--7----10----3----2----0----2----|G--7----11----4----2----0----2----|D--9----12----5----4----2----2----|A--9----12----5----4----2----0----|E--7----10----3----2----0----0----|
Verse; Bm D Did you fall, on your way G F#m it's a long way down Bm D welcome back, to your place, G F#m i hope you know it now Bm D 'cause it's true, what you say G F#m we're the wrong way 'round Em A and the lies, that cut the worst Em A has been resolved, and then reserved G G F#m G finally,,, finally,, finally,, finally,,, Bm D ah come on, show the way G F#m where are you running now Bm D is it lack of restraint G F#m has you turning 'round Bm Bm You found something so good G F#m it's drawing trouble on your life Bm Bm and when you lost something so good G F#m it's hard to focus on what's right Instrumental: Bm D G F#m Bm D G F#m Outro; G I love it so far G I love it so far F#m I love it so far G I love it so far ...... to fade out!! e-mail me with corrections, comments, etc. !!!THE FRAMES RULE!!! *Alan4*
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