Frames - What Happens When The Heart Just Stops tab

           'What Happens When the Heart Just Stops'
                                                   by The Frames

Tabbed by *Alan4*
Standard Tuning

Verse 1:
F                         C           G
So what happens when the heart just stops
F       C          G
Stops caring for anyone
F                    C         G
The hollow in your chest dries up
F        C      G
And you stop believing
F                         C          G
So what happens when the heart gives up
F                 C    G
But the body goes on living
F                      C         G
The blood crawls to a slow and stops
F     C    G
And flows away

Am                      G
You see I'm feeling everything
Am           G
Nothing gets by
F            C            G
There is a hollow in my chest...

Tabs: F C G AmE---1---0---3---0---|B---1---1---3---1---|G---2---0---0---2---|D---3---2---0---2---|A---3---3---2---0---|E---1---0---3---0---|
Don't know all the lyrics, sorry.
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