Francesca Battistelli - Worth It chords version 3

Worth it by francesca battistelli

ALove's not a feeling
ELove's not convenient
F#m E DBut I know love will change your life
ALove takes sacrifice
ELove cuts like a knife
F#m E DSometimes love will make you cry
Bm Bm/C# DLove's not easy
ABut it's worth it
ALove is a hunger
E F#mBut love won't leave you empty
E DSee it's the language of the heart
ALove can steal your pride
E F#mBut love won't let you hide
E DIt takes everything you've got
Bm Bm/C# DLove's not easy
ABut it's worth it
EWhat you gonna do when the bottom falls out
F#m DAnd you're left with nothing but your fear and your doubt to hold to
AWho will hold you?
EWhere you gonna run when it's all on the line
F#m DAnd you're looking for someone to save your life
Esus4 ETo save your life
ALove can hear you
ELove can heal you
F#m E DIf you let it inside
Bm Bm/C#Oh, remember now
DLove's not easy
ABut it's worth it
Repeat Chorus and Verse 3.
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