Frank Black – Parry The Wind High Low tab

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From: (Mark Schnitzius)
Subject: Re: REQ:Frank Black - Perry the WInd High,Low

nrry the Wind High, Low

This might be easier to play if you tune down a step.  I think
that's how it's done on the record.  The closing progression
was a bitch to figure, but I think I have it.  Anyone have any
idea who Desmond Dekker is?

Opening riff:

D D# D D# G G#----------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------1--------|--------0-----------------0---------0--2-3---3-2-3--|-0--2-3---3-2-3----0--2-3---3-2-3-------------------|----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|
D D#------------------|------------------|--------0---------|-0--2-3---3-2-3---|------------------|------------------|
[With opening riff] And if a ship meets your car You know you can't go real far Well they could treat you real nice Or put a tracking device Bb A Way down inside D A F D A F D# A F [twice] D A F I'm checking out inventions D A F D# A F at the UFO convention tonight D A F D Planes above the Hilton make it sunny A F D# A F Brought my money tonight D A F Blue blond ladies of abduction D A F D# A F strumming guitars of instruction tonight D A F A lot of wannabe truckers D A F F# Making eyes with starfuckers tonight [opening riff again] I've got my hands on some sights Electric glasses with lights They got me feeling deluxe For just a couple of bucks Bb A Way down inside I'm getting patterns from a trekker And it sounds like soul records to me They're waving hi from some gazebo Waving on to Arecibo to me I'm getting patterns from a trekker And it sounds like soul records to me I'm getting patterns from a trekker And it sounds like Desmond Dekker to me D F# Sleep machine D F# In your silo D F# Transmarine D F# Things you've never seen D Am B F D# Parry the wind high, low [Repeat to fade] *********************************************************************** mark schnitzius isx corporation home page: "http:://"
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