Frank Black - Ill Be Blue tab


Em Bm Cmaj7 G G/F# Em (2x) [Verse] Em You stared a while, Bm And said to me Cmaj7 Give me a smile, G G/F# Em and arenít you having fun? Em Stood in my path, Bm Down in the street Cmaj7 I wouldnít laugh, G G/F# Em And you look so stunned [Pre-Chorus] Cmaj7 G I think you, Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Had no clue [Chorus] Em F# B I will be blue D G Em Like a hermit in itís shell D G Em Like Jesus Christ on the hill F# B A Iíll be blue, Iíll be blue [SOLO] - verse chords [VERSE 2] Em We had a drink, Bm I sang some songs Cmaj7 You had to think, G G/F# Em I didnít hold my place at all Em Please pardon me, Bm For these my wrongs Cmaj7 And I will leave G G/F# Em But I wont put your party face on [PRE-CHORUS] Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Iíll be blue Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Ií----ll will be blue
(piano part for guitar) - bass plays GE-----------------3--5--7--10--B-----------3--5---------------G--0--2--4---------------------
[CHORUS 2] Em F# B I will be blue D G Em Like the reign of mastodon D G Em Like the islands of Old Lyons F# Iíll be blue, B A Iíll be blue END: Em Bm Cmaj7 G G/F# Em
Cmaj7 G/F# e--0----------b--0----------g--0------0---d--2------0---a--3------x---e--x------2---
or you could play Cmaj7 as: x32001
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