Frank Black – Robert Onion tab

E B G C F# B (2x)
E B Robert lead me into thought G C Onion layers wait for you F# B Bounty of eternal fields E B Every muscle knot i feel feel G C Robert tell me what to do F# B Tell exactly what you're not E G C Tails pushing grand whales D Heads hope to have the stuff E G C Each flag had no sail D Can you believe enough? E B And though diana calls to you G C She will never never yield F# B Every siren has her spot E G C Four hundred million D Oh, that is very far E G C Robert sweet onion D Makes me feel so tired E G C F D Another layer and layers and layers oh, no E A D C#m Robert can you find your way? D C A Show me the way to come E A D C#m Zugzwang got me in a way D C A Under my opposing thumb E B Branishing my shield G C Robert leads me into thought F# B Into the dimming blue E G C Nowhere in this world D for this old jack-tar E G C three cheers for robert D to the cinnabar E G C F D G one ponders layers and layers and layers and layers F D G layers and layers and layers F D G layers and layers and layers F D G F D G F D G layers and layers, Robert, Robert Robert G F D (2x) E C#m E E B G C F# B (til end)
B F# E e--0-----0------0--b--0-----2------0--g--8-----3------9--d--9-----4------9--a--9-----4------7--e--7----(2)-----0--
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