Frank Black - Horrible Day tab

Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: Horrible Day
Album: Show Me Your Tears
Tabbed by forum member: speedy m (Mike Velonas)

Introe-----------------------------|b-------3---------------------|g----0--0--0----2--2----------|d--2---------2--2--2--2--2----| X2a--3---------2--0-----2--2----|e---------------------0-------|
e--------0--0----------0--0---------------|b--------1--1----------1--1---------------|g--------0--0----------2--2---------------|d-----2--2--2----------2--2---------------| X2a--3-----3--3---2--0-0-0--0-----0-2-0-----|e----------------------------0------------| C C/B Am
VERSE C Well I took a little something F C to make my Worries go away I laid down with a movie G F* And I started to feel okay Am But I heard the doorbell ringiní C F And I opened up to see C G C Am My worries they were waiting there for me C Now death as youíd expect F C was all dressed up in black misfortune in her stocking G F and a curve upon her back Am and a chorus of the lonely C F In their gospel robes of course C G C they were singing Ďbout my imminent divorce CHORUS C G Itís a beautiful day F C No itís a horrible day G Maybe I will grin but I wonít bear C G Itís a beautiful day Am G F No itís a horrible day C G C Am And for the first time in my life I just donít care INTRO VERSE CHORDS OVER SOLO CHORUS VERSE So let me get my coat And let me get my stash Iíll trade my VCR for a pocket full of cash Iíll take off with my worries And Iíll even let Death drive Weíre sure to get there dead or alive CHORUS OUTRO C G C And for the first time in my life I donít need the luck repeat twice more with intro between each line ENDING C F C ___________________________________________________________________ *F
e--1---------1---|b--1--1------1---|g--2--3po2---2---|d--3--x------3---|a-----3----------|e----------------| ^5th beat
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