Frank Black - If Your Poison Gets You tab

Frank Black
Song: If Your Poison Gets You
Album: Fastman Raiderman
Tabbed by: ProverbialCereal


(repeated riff)e--5--1---------5--1---------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------|D--3--0---------3--0-------0--3--2--0--3--2----|A----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
we heard it all in halls of pain it wasn't good there was a call, in baggage claim it wasn't good she had a hunch, it was't lunch it wasn't good
(last time)e--5--1-----------5--1-------------------------------1--|B-------------------------------------------------1--1--|G-------------------------------------------------0--2--|D--3--0-----------3--0-------------0--3--2--0--3--2--3--|A-------------------------------------------------3--3--|E----------------------------------------------------1--| C F I drove a spike into the punch, it wasn't good
[chorus] F Dm Bb heaven's boys protect you C F i am almost there Dm Bb if your poison gets you C F i will be on time Dm Bb if you sink to madness C F say a little pray Dm Bb if your poison gets you C i am down the line [break]
back to verse 1 progression. Play thru 1x over solo. [verse 2] - same riff (guitar left plays Dm on almost every downbeat) now once again to halls of pain when will it end? god's machines say it's your genes when will it end? why has thou forsaken me, again and again? you always said "when will it end?" when will it end? [chorus] - same chords heaven's boys protect you i am almost there if your poison gets you i will be on time if you sink to madness say a little pray if your poison gets you i am down the line D--0--3--2--0--3-- C chord
end riffe-------------------------------1---|B---------------------------1---3---|G---------------------------0---2---|D--0--3--2--0--3--2--0---3--2---0---|A---------------------------3-------|E-----------------------------------| C Dm
______________________________________________________________ recommended chord formations:
e------0---1----1--|B--3---1---3----1--|G--3---0---2----2--|D--3---2---0----3--|A--1---3--------3--|E---------------1--| Bb C Dm F
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