Frank Ocean – Eyes Like Sky tab

                             Eyes Like Sky - Frank Ocean
Tabbed by: Kris Bardin

Tuning: Stanard [EADGBe] 

This song is broken down into 3 basic chords, it is fairly easy to play.
There's no need to tab the individual strumming of the chords as it is fairly simple.
The strumming pattern contains up and down strokes with some muting involved 
during the first chord.
Underneath the chords tabbed out is the solo phrase that repeats itself throughout the song.
To play both the rhythmn and solo parts, you will need two guitars.

Those are the chords for the entire song. The order is:

Cadd9 - A7sus4 - D - Cadd9 - Repeat

*When switching from Cadd9 to A7sus4, try to put more emphasis on the D string of that chord, it
really makes it pop*


Solo part
Lyrics: [Verse 1] Hell yeah A blind boy sees a green girl She drives a green car through a dream world She meets up with the green club And talks of saving the earth from itself A blind boy Saw a blue man Who rides a blue bus through a nightmare And leaves work to a blue home Where the blue seem different Since she’s passed away [Chorus] And the same boy With sunken eyes saw me And described Yellow so perfectly Said he’s watching Watching Watching here With eyes like sky Eyes like I never seen [Verse 2] A blind boy Became a kind man Who painted white lights on a canvas He once said he didn’t write songs ‘Cause making music would be selfish And back then he saw the flags fly Seen them fight and divide for it He said war is for those who can see it but what good is a border to me yeah [Chorus] And the same man With sunken eyes saw me And described Yellow so perfectly Said he’s watching Watching Watching With eyes like sky Eyes like I never seen [Verse 3] I said I wish you could see the ocean He said I wish you could see hope I said have you ever seen a mountain He said no but my faith can move those I said I wish you could see the stars He told me I should see love (love) Hell yeah [Outro] Said he’s watching Watching Watching With eyes like sky Eyes like I never seen
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