Frank Sinatra - This Love Of Mine chords

There is a part before this that I don't play because I am not familiar with how 
it is sung, forgive me for leaving it out.  I play this simplified version because 
I am lazy at the guitar but I like to sing the song, it is based on the version 
found at

A7 B7 A7 Em7 G A7 DThis love of mine goes on and on,
D7 G A7 DThough life is empty since you have gone.
B7 Em7 A7 Em7 DYou're always on my mind, though out of sight;
Bm E7 Bm Bm A7It's lonesome through the day, and Oh! The night.
A7 B7 A7 Em7 G A7 DI cry my heart out it's bound to break;
D7 G A7 DSince nothing matters, let it break.
B7 Em B F#7 BmI ask the sun and the moon, the stars that shine:
Bm D Bm A7 DWhat's to become of it, this love of mine?
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