Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind chords

Frank Sinatra
Summer Wind

VERSES 1 & 2:
C1. The sum-mer wind, came blow-in' in
2. Like painted kites, those days and nights,
Dm1. From a - cross the sea
2. They went fly-in' by
C1. It lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me
2. The world was new be-neath a blue um - brel - la sky
C1. All sum-mer long we sang a song
2. Then soft-er than a pi-per man
F Dm1. And then we strolled that gol-den sand
2. One day it called to you
C Dm G C1. Two sweet-hearts and___ the sum-mer wind
2. I lost you, I_____ lost you to the sum-mer wind VERSE 3:
D3. The aut-umn wind and the win-ter winds,
Em3. They have come and gone
D3. And still the days, those lone-ly days, they go on and on
D 3. And guess who sighs his lul-la-bies
G Em3. Through nights that nev-er end
D Em A D3. My fick-le friend, the sum-mer wind
Em A D The sum-mer wind
Warm sum-mer wind Mmm, the sum-mer wind
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