Frank Turner – Dans Song tab

Dan's Song
Tabbed by guitaristu

Wicked new FT tune.
I've tabbed this from a couple of youtube vids so the odd lyric/chord
may be wrong. Should be bang on though. Feel free to rate/comment.

CHORDS USED E G#m* A* B* C#m* F#m* C#m E* A B7*e|--0--0---0--0---0----0----4--0--0--0--|B|--0--0---5--7---0----0----5--0--2--0--|G|--1--4---6--8---9----2----6--9--2--2--|D|--2--6---7--9---11---4----6--9--2--1--|A|--2--6---7--9---11---4----4--7--0--2--|E|--0--0---0--0---0----0-------0--------|
Intro E E G#m* A* B* E Me and my friend dan are going to get some beers and then we're going to go down to the park and drink them there E G#m* A* B* We'll bust out in the sun with a guitar and play some songs call up our friends and invite them out to C#m* G#m* A* E share what might be the last weekend of the summer F#m* C#m cause september's getting colder as it goes A* B* E* G#m* C#m and we haven't done enough of this simple kind of stuff A B7* E this year it's clear we're getting older and it shows E G#m* A* B* E Well work it makes us weary now school's a distant memory it's easy to ask questions of ourselves E G#m* A* B* like where it is we're going now and what we have to show for all the sunny days we shoved up on the shelf C#m* G#m* A* E with expectations of our ultimate directions F#m* C#m and the stations that we should have been through by now A* B* E* G#m* C#m When we haven't read the script and our tender wings are clipped A B7* E and yeah we're scared we might be letting someone down E B* A* F#m E B* A* G#m* F#m* G#m* F#m* E G#m* A* B* E Listen to these heartbreak songs where nothings really wrong we'll smile when we're asked and say we're fine E G#m* A* B* We're drifting through our middle days, we're creeping into middle age setting in our ways but now it's C#m* G#m* A* E time to decide now its time to draw a line F#m* C#m in the sand and ask what's more important than days like today A* B* E* G#m* C#m so grab some beers call your friends and meet us here A B7* E B7* E In the summer park with me and my friend dan
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