Frank Turner – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight tab

very nice song from mr. turner here, in my opinion far better than the original, it's
tuning with a capo third fret, all the tab is in accordance with the capo, enjoy!

Interlude ("Where I Am"):|1---0---3---3---||1---1---3---3---||2---0---0---0---| Strum these chords, for rhythm listen to song, it's on|3---2---0---0---| youtube and spotify.|----3---2---2---||--------3---3---|
Pre-Chorus ("Keeping Me Dry"):|0---1---0---0---||1---1---1---1---||0---2---2---2---| Again, strum, start off quiet and build to a cresc.|2---3---2---2---||3-------0---0---||----------------|
Chorus = same as the interlude, really attack this bit, it's epic the way he plays it. For order listen to song, it's pretty straight forward, enjoy! Lyrics: Smeared black ink, Your palms are sweaty, And I'm barely listening, To last demands, I'm staring at the asphalt wondering, what's buried underneath, Where I am, I'll wear my badge, A vinyl sticker with big block letters, Adherent to my chest, That tells your new chest, I am a visitor here, I am not permanent, And the only thing, Keeping me dry is, You seem so out of context, In this gaudy apartment complex, A stranger with your door key, Explaining that I'm just visiting, And I am finally seeing, How I was the one worth leaving, The one worth leaving, The district sleeps alone tonight, After the bars turn out their lights, And send the autos swerving, Into the loneliest evening, And I am finally seeing, How I was the one worth leaving, The one worth leaving.
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