Frank Turner - Peggy Sang The Blues chords

All done from YouTube. Help with the lyrics please?

Great song from Frank Turner from his new record.

F       C          G

G Am F CPeggy came to me in my sleep
G Am F CIn the middle of the night on a firday ngit last
G Am F CShe whispersed hish child dont be scared
G Am F CI've got a few words of wisdom that I've come back to share
F C Gand she said, doesn't matter where you come from
F C GIt matters where you go
F C G F C no one gets remembered, for the things they didn't do
G Am F CI said Peggy won't you stay here for a while
G Am F CWe can drink whiskey, we can play cards and we can get wild
G Am F CShe said we'll play poker and we'll play for keeps
G Am F CI only played angels lately and they never let me cheat
F C Gdoesn't matter where you come from
F C GIt matters where you go
F C G F C Gno one gets remembered, in this life, for the things they didn't do
E Am CYou could say I had a good time, you could say I had class
E Am F CYou could say that I was born beneath this ceiling made of glass
E Am CBut I always kept an open house and always kept by my friends
E Am F C GWhen I get to Saint Peter's gate there’s no need to make amends.
F C G F C GCause better times are coming, better times ahead
F C G F C GNo one gets remembered, my deathless child, and soon you will be dead.
And Peggy said. Repeat Chorus
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