Frank Turner – Wanderlust chords ver. 2

Tabbed by: Seanie.

Tuning: Standard
Capo Second Fret.

This tab is similar to the previous version but I think a few chords were wrong 
and with a capo on the second fret you can do the bass runs Frank does much 
easier. Almost sure this is 100% or near enough.

The tab is relevant to the capo, so 0 = the 2nd fret of the neck.

Verses: Every time Am and C are played together, you play the passing chord in between.
Not sure what the passing chord is, we'll call it Am/B.

These chords are: Am Am/B C C C Am/B Am AmI tried putting them over the diagram but it just wasn't happening.
When you move from the Am to the C you do a hammer on, on the C chord and when you move back down, you hammer on the Am. Intro - Am C
Am CI have wept until i've slept into the lap of the lady that I love
Am CThough she begged and she cajoled I couldn't tell her what I was thinking of
Am CI didn't choose no I was chosen by a life that must be lived in passing through
Am CAnd though she changed so much for me, changing this is the one thing I cannot do
Dm GDarling, I'm leaving,
C C/B AmDistance keeps calling me on,
Dm GDarling, come morning,
F I'll be gone
Am CShe is beauty she is graceful in her poise and she is gentle in her care
Am Cshe is the calm within the center of my storm she is her fingers through my hair
Am Cshe has my heart though it is breaking cause it knows that deep inside she still believes
Am CThat there will ever come a morning when i'm staying, and not gathering to leave
Dm GDarling, I'm leaving,
C Am/B AmDistance keeps calling me on,
Dm GDarling, come morning,
F I'll be gone
Break: Am C x4 There's a couple of picking parts and a glockenspiel during this part that I might post in a lead tab when I work it out
Am CBaby let's get out of the city, we need to breathe some cleaner air,
Am CThat creeping feeling's starting like I miss you, but with both of us still here
Am CThere's a sadness in your smiles now and an edge of desperation in your voice
Am CWe have all this independence, but it still feels like we never had a choice
Dm GDarling, I'm leaving.
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