Frank Turner - Must Try Harder tab

                             Must Try Harder  Frank Turner
Tabbed by: Neil Wicker

Tuning: Standard

Fmaj7: x33210
E7: 022130
Am: 002210
Am/G: 302010
Dm: 000231
Dm/C: 030031
G7: 320001
C: 032010  
C/B: 020010

Intro and Verse:e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------0-----------------------0--2--|D|-----0--2--3-----3--2--0-----0--2--3--------|A|--3-----------------------3-----------------|E|--------------------------------------------|Mother loves me still despitefailing health and lack of drive.
Chorus: Fmaj7 G E7 Am Am/G Dm Shame on me, I could be so much better than I am. Verse 2: Clothes unwashed and post unopened, Songs unfinished, vows now broken. Chorus Bridgey thing: Am Dm Dm/C G G7 C C/B If I could just relax, then I could admit Am Dm Dm/C G G7 C C/B That I don't know what I want, but this is not it. Am Dm Dm/C G G7 C C/B If I could just recall the dreams I had as a kid, Am Dm Dm/C G G7 C C/B Fmaj7 If I could just relax, if I could just let my guard slip, I'd be such a winner. intro pattern x1 end on C
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