Frank Turner – Our Lady Of The Campfire chords

Capo on 1st

A Dm ATonight is her night, and the city holds its breath,
Dm A Dm ACaught twixt life and death, as she rolls in from the suburbs,
FThe garrison flees and the city will burn.
F# E Dsus2Corinna rides like Boadicea tonight.
F# E Dsus2London town trembles at the sight.
ABecause tonight is her night.
Dm A Dm AAnd the youth course through the streets to lay down at her feet,
Dm A F And she runs a regal eye to choose who lives and decide who dies.
F G Am CShe keeps her counsel, smiles when she speaks now, from ear to ear.
F G Am E She's getting married, or so they tell me, when the spring is here.
C E F# AmShe hums a tune from a song she knows from warm summers past,
C E F# Am A song that was sung by kids around campfires in the quiet southwest.
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