Frank Turner – Long Live The Queen chords ver. 2

Left handed
Long Live the Queen


Standard Tuning: EADGBe


A (Strum twice then mute and strum) X4

(Same strumming pattern)
AI was sipping on the whiskey when I got the call yeah,
F#mMy friend Lex was lying in a hospital,
BmShe'd been pretty sick for about half the year,
E But it seemed that this time the end was drawing near.
ASo I dropped my plans and jumped the next London train,
F#mI found her laid up and in a lot of pain,
BmHer eyes met mine and then I understood,
E E7 That the weather forecast wasn't looking too good.
ASo I sat and spun her stories for a little while,
F#mTried to raise her mood and tried to raise a smile,
BmBut she silenced all my ramblings with a shake of her head,
E E7 Drew me close and listen this is what she said now.
A F#m Bm You'll live to dance another day,
E But now you'll have to dance,
E7 AFor the two of us,
A F#m Bm So stop looking so damn depressed,
E And sing with all your heart,
The Queen is dead yeah. Verse chords same as before: Chorus chords as before except for ending:
A F#m Bm So stop looking so damn depressed,
And sing with all your heart,
E The Queen is dead.
Bm E Bm And South London's not the same, anymore
E Bm The Queen is dead, yes!
E And the last of the greats,
BmHas finally gone to bed.
Final verse same chords but single, soft strums without pick: Final chorus same chords but end on F#
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