Frank Turner – Tattoos chords

This will be a bonus track on the new album 'Tape Deck Heart'

This hasn't been tabbed yet and it's quite simple so here it is -
although it's a bit sketchy at the moment, even Frank himself doesn't
seem to have grasped exactly how he wants it to go yet from the handful
of live versions of Youtube! But you won't go far wrong with these chords:


G -  320033
C -  332010
E7 - 020100
A7 - x02020
D -  xx0232
G5 - 3x0033
G7 - 3x0001
Cm - x35543
D7 - xx0212
Em - 022000

G Oh it's payday, yes it's payday
C GI've got my paycheque from the man
E7Cause there's not so many jobs that I can get these days
A7 DWith these marks all over my hands
G5 G7But I'm gonna take that cheque I'm gonna head across the track
C CmTo the wrong side of this town
G5 E7I'm gonna open the door, i'm gonna bask in the roar
A7 D GOf that familiar buzzing needle sound
D G5Because the ink in my skin where the needle went in
D G5How ever many years ago
C AmHas left marks on my arms and they say who I am
D7 G5Everywhere that I go
D G5Some people have none, some have ones that they're ashamed of
D G5Most people think that we're fools
C G5 E7Some people don't get it and some people don't care
C D GAnd some of us we have tattoos
2ND VERSE SAME CHORDS AS BEFORE Oh it's fading, yes it's fading Some of the things that I believed back then Yes the skin has started sagging and the ink has started running And I've got buddy tattoos with people who aren't my friends Oh I've even got black X's from back when I was straight edge So crack open a beer friends now and let's make a pledge If we had the luck to live our lives a second time through We'd be sure to get the same tattoos CHORUS SAME WORDS AND CHORDS BRIDGE/OUTRO
CWe've got hearts for the lovers
A7And playing cards for the gamblers
EmBlack Flag bars for the punks
DSailing ships for the ramblers
CWe've got skulls for the living
A7And the pain pays our dues
C D GSome of us we have tattoos
C D GOh some of us we have tattoos
C D G E7Oh some of us we have tattoos
C D G D GYes some of us we have tattoos
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