Frank Turner – Tell Tale Signs tab

Frank Turner - Tell Tale Signs


h = hammer on


Am       - x02210
A#       - 6x07xx
C        - 332010
Cadd9    - 8x09xx
Dm       - xx0231
Dm(2)    - 10x010xx(10th fret)
Dmaj7    - 5x06xx
Dsus2/C# - 9x09xx
Em       - 022000
F        - x33211
F(2)     - 133211 (Thumb the 1st fret)
G        - 320033
G(2)     - 3x04xx
G#       - 4x05xx (G#/5-)


Am Riff 1e|------------------0-----------------|B|-------------1-----------1----------|G|------------------------------------|D|-------0h2--------------------------|A|---0--------------------------0-----|E|------------------------------------|
Am Riff 2e|-----------------0---|B|-------------1-------|G|---------------------|D|-------0h2-----------|A|---0-----------------|E|---------------------|
Em Riffe|------------------0-----------------|B|-------------0-----------0----------|G|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|-------0h2----------------------0---|E|---0--------------------------------|
F Riffe|---------------------|B|-------------1-------|G|-------0h2-------0---|D|---------------------|A|---------------------|E|---1-----------------|
G Riffe|---------------------|B|-------------0-------|G|---------------------|D|---------------------|A|-------0h2-----------|E|---3-----------------|
-INTRO- Am riff 1 Em riff F riff G riff Am riff 2 -VERSE- Am riff 1 God damn it, Amy Em riff We're not kids anymore F riff G riff You can't just keep waltzing out of my life Am riff 2 Leaving clothes on my bedrom floor Am riff 1 Like nothing really matters Em riff Like pain doesn't hurt F riff G riff You should mean more to me by now A riff 2 G Than just heartbreak in a short skirt -CHORUS- C You know, you kind of remind me of scars on my arm F G That I made when I was a kid C F G With a disassembled disposable razor I stole from my Dad C F G Back when I thought that suffering was something profound that weighed down wise heads Dm Not just something to be avoided F Am riff 2 Something normal people dread -VERSE- Am riff 1 God damn it, Amy Em riff Well, of course I've changed F riff G riff With all the things that I've done and the places I've been Am riff 2 I'd be a machine if I had stayed the same Am riff 1 You're still back where we started Em riff You haven't changed at all F riff G riff Yeah, you're still trying to live like a kid Am riff 2 G Like you could always have it all -CHORUS- C You know, you kind of remind me of scars on my arm F G That I hid as best I could C F G That I covered with ink, but in the right kind of light they still bleed through C F G Showing that there are some things that I just cannot change no matter what I do Dm These tell-tale signs of being used F Am riff 2 Being trapped inside of you -BRIDGE- G# G(2) A# You're a beautiful butterfly Dmaj7 Burned with a branding iron Cadd9 Dsus2/C# Onto my outsides, into my insides Dm(2) G(2) G# As a simple sign G(2) A# To show off your ownership Dmaj7 Burnt into my naked skin Cadd9 Dsus2/C# On to my outsides, into my insides Dm G It's not even love anymore C F It's just a stain upon my soul Dm G It's on my skin and it's on my breath C F And I'm ashamed to get undressed Dm G In front of strangers in case they see C F D The tell tale signs that you have left all over me G God damn it, Amy -OUTRO- C You'll always remind me of scars on my arm F G That I know will never fade C F G But it's not like it's something I think about each and every day C F G I just occasionally find myself scratching at them as if they'd ever go away Dm These tell-tale signs are here to stay F And in the end, you know, that's okay Dm Because you will always be a part F G Am Of my patched up, patchwork, taped up, tape deck heart
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