Frank Turner - Ballad Of Me And My Friends tab version 1

Thought id post how i think the first verse of the song is played (not quite 100% 
i want to thank Nick Taylor who did chord this song which my tab is based around, and Frank 
for writing the song. Buy his album. Enough rambling.

Any correction please mention in comments or email me at

Standard Tuning, Capo on the 2nd Fret.

Chords Used =

Em    (022000)
C     (032010)
G*    (320010)
D     (xx0232)
Dsus4 (x00233)
Em7   (022033)

Intro -

Play This Through Verse - Em C G* De|----------------------------------------------2--3--2------|B|--------------------1--0--1------0--1--0------3-3--3--3----|G|----0---0---0------0-0--0--0-----------------2---2--2--2---|D|---2-2---2---2----2---2--2--2---0-0--0--0---0--------------|A|--2---2---2---2--3-------------2---2--2--2-----------------|E|-0-------------0--------------3-----------3----------------|
Play This Through Ending- C G D G D Ge|--------------2-3-2----3---2---3--|B|---1-----0-----3-------3---3---3--|G|----0--------2---------0---2---0--|D|--2---------0----------0---0---0--|A|-3------2--------------2---x---2--|E|-------3---------------3---x---3--|
Verse - Em C Everybody's Got Themselves A Plan G D Everybody thinks theyll be the man, D including the girls. Em C The musicians who lack the friends to form a band, C are singer songwriters. G D The rest of us are dj's, or offical club photographers. Em C And tonight im playing another nambucca show, G D so im going though my phonebook texting everyone i know Em C and quite a few i dont know who numbers found their way into my phone G but they might come along anyway D you never really know. Bridge- G Dsus4 Em7 None of this is going anywhere C D Pretty soon we'll all be old G Dsus4 Em7 and no one left alive will really care C about our glory days, when we sold our souls. Chorus D But if your all about the destination, Em C then take a fucking flight. D We're going nowhere slowly Em D but we're seeing all the sights C G D* and we're definitely going to hell. G D C But we'll have all the best stories to tell. Ending C G D Yes Im Definatly Going to Hell, G D G but I'll have all the best stories to tell.
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