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Frank Zappa – The Mammy Anthem tab

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From: (Mark Andrew Hawling)

"The Mammy Anthem" - Frank Zappa

The is a basic arrangement of the header as it appears on You Can't Do
That On Stage Anymore VolI. Note on the original there are 3 guitar parts,
but this is a kinda solo guitar arrangement.

(section A) 3X D G F D F G D#-2-2-2---3---1---2---------------!!------------!-3-3-3---3---1---3-----10---12---!!-8----------!-2-2-2---4---2---2-----10---12---!!-8----------!-0-0-0---5---3---0-----10---12---!!-8----------!-----------------------8----10---!!-6----------!---------------------------------!!------------!
(Note: Repeat section before double line.) Repeat section A then:
(section B) 3X-------!--------!-------!-------!!-----------------------!-------!--------!-------!-------!!-----------------------!-------!--------!-------!-------!!-5-5-5-5--5-5-5--5-5-5-!--8----!-11-----!-6-----!-8-----!!-5-5-5-5--5-5-5--5-5-5-!--6----!-9------!-4-----!-6-----!!-3-3-0-3--3-0-3--3-0-3-!--9----!-12-----!-7-----!-9-----!!-----------------------!
The repeated section is a combination of the various notes played by various instruments eg the Bb Db Ab Bb series is Frank's guitar. The next riff segues straight into section A again. This time in section A there is a little riff played after the G:
After this there is a solo in a kind of Abm tonality. Then section B again and finally section A again.
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