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Frank Zappa – Titties And Beer chords

========================FRANK ZAPPA-Titties and Beer========================
Tabbed By: Pecolatto
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((((Up and down strokes for every chord))))

Bm AmIt was the blackest night!
E Am There was no moon in sight!
Bm Am(you know the stars ain't shinin'
E Am'cause the sky's too tight)
Bm AmI heard the scary wind!
E AmI seen some ugly trees!
Bm AmThere was a werewolf honkin',
E Am'long the side of me!
Bm Am E AmI'm mean 'n I'm bad, (y'know I ain't no sissy)
Bm Am E AmGot a big-titty girly by the name of 'chrissy'
Bm Am E AmTalkin' about her 'n my bike 'n me...
Bm Am E Am E Am'n this ride up the mountain of my-stery, (my-stery)
(Bm,Am,E,Am X2)
Bm AmI noticed even the crickets
E AmActed weird up here
Bm AmAnd so I figured I might
E AmJust drink a little beer
Bm Am E AmI said, gimme summa that what yer suckin' on...
Bm AmBut there was no reply
E Am'cause she was gone!
Bm Am E Amwhere's those titties I like so well,
Bm Am'n' my goddam beer!
E Am Bm AmIs what I started to yell, then I heard this noise
E Am Bm AmLike a crunchin' twig, 'n up jumped the devil!
E Am(he's about this big!)
Bm AmHe had a red suit on
E AmAn' a widow's peak
Bm AmAn' then a pointed tail
E Am'n like a sulphur reek,
Bm AmYes, it was him awright,
E AmI swear I knowed it was!
Bm AmHe had some human flesh
E AmStuck under-neath his claws
Bm AmYou know, it looked to me
E AmLike it was titty skin!
Bm AmI said, you son-of-a-bitch!
E Am('cause I was mad at him!)
Bm Am He just got out his floss
E Am'n started cleanin' his fang
Bm AmSo I shot him with my shooter,
Bm Am FmSaid: bang! bang! bang!
((((Just downward strokes on this part))))
Bm Am E FmThen the sucker just laughed 'n said: put it away!
Bm Am You know, I ate her all up...now what you
E FmGonna say?
Bm AmYou ate my chrissy?
E Fmyeah! titties 'n all!
Bm AmWell what about the beer then?
E Fmnow, were the cans this tall?
Bm AmEven her boots?
E Fmwould I lie to you?
Bm FmShit, you musta been hungry!
E Fmyeah, this is true.
Bm AmDon't they pay you good for the
E FmStuff that you do?
Bm Am E Fmwell, you know, I can't com-plain when the checks come through...
Bm AmWell I want my chrissy,
Oh yeah?
E Fm'n I want my beer
Bm AmSo you just barf it back up!
E FmNow, devil, do you hear?
Bm Am E Fmblow it out your ass, motor-cycle man!
Bm Am E FmI mean, I am the devil, do you under-stand?
Bm AmJust what will you give me for your
E FmTitties and beer?
Bm AmI suppose you noticed this little
E FmContract here...
Bm Am E FmYer goddam right, you son-of-a-whore!
Don't call me that!
Bm AmThat's about the only reason
E FmI learned writin' for!
Bm Am E FmGimme that paper! bet yer horns I'll sign!
Bm Am EBecause I need a beer, 'n it's titty-
FmSqueezin' time!
Bm Am E Fmman, you can't fool me! you ain't that bad!
Oh yeah?
Bm Am E Fm Why you shoulda seen some of the souls that I've had!
Bm Am E FmThere was milhous nixon 'n agnew too!
Bm Am E Fm'n both of those suckers was worse 'n you!
Bm Am ELet's make a deal if you think
FmThat's true
Bm Am EI mean, you're supposed to be the devil so...whatcha
FmGonna do?
Bm Am E Fmwait a minute...a tinge of doubt crosses my mind...when you say...
Bm Am That you want to make a deal with me...
E Fmthat's very, very true
Bm Am E FmI'm only inte-rested in two things
Bm Am E FmSee if you can guess what they are
Bm Am E Fmi would think...uh...let's see, maybe stravinsky...
Bm Am E Fmi'll give you two clues. let go of your pickle
Am E Fmlet go of your pickle!
Bm Ami'm not holding my pickle
E Fm Bmwell, who's hold-ing your pickle then?
Am E Fm Bmi don't know...she's out in the audience...
Am E FmHey dale, would you like to come up here and hold
Bm Am E FmMy pickle to satisfy this weird man out on the stage?
Bm Am Ei'm only interested in two things, and that's
FmTitties and beer
Bm AmYou know what I mean?
E Fmwhat?
((((Increase speed here))))
Bm AmTitties and beer
E FmTitties and beer
Bm AmTitties and beer
E FmTitties and beer
Bm AmTitties and beer
E FmTitties and beer
BmTitties and beer!
AmTitties and beer!
ETitties and beer!
FmTitties and beer!
Bm Am E Fmno! don't sign it! give me time to think...
Bm Am E FmI mean hold on a second boy, 'cause that's magic ink!
((((Up and down strokes again from now on))))
Bm AmAnd then the devil let go of his pickle
E Am BmAnd out come my girl, there was her titties
Am Flop-floppin'...all around the world
Bm Am E AmShe said i got me three beers and a fistful of downs
Bm Am E AmAnd I'm gonna get ripped, so fuck, you clowns!
Bm Am E AmThen she gave us the finger, it was rigid and stiff
Bm AmThat's when the devil, he farted
E AmAnd she went right over the cliff!
Bm Am E AmThe devil was mad, I took off to my pad
Bm AmI swear I do de-clare!
E AmHow did she get back there?
Do that last part 4 times and thats the song. Email me for a request.
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