Frank Zappa - Lonely Little Girl tab

"Lonely Little Girl"

Pt. 1:

         Ab            Ebm 
You're a lonely little girl
         Ab                         Ebm
But your mommy and your daddy don't care
         Ab            Ebm
You're a lonely little girl
    Bbm         Eb       Cm        F
The things they say just hurt your heart
     Bbm      Eb      Cm      F 
It's too late now for them to start
To understand the way you feel
F#m Gm                Ab
The world for them is too unreal
So you're lonely lonely lonely
Lonely little girl...

Pt. 2:

All your children
    Esus4             Am
Are poor, unfortunate victims
Of systems beyond their control
C9                 Esus4
A plague upon your ignorance
        Am                        D
And the gray despair of your ugly life
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