Franz Ferdinand – What She Came For tab

Franz Ferdinand - What She Came For (new song and possible next single)

This may be different on the album (jan 2009) but its what theyre playing live now.


VERSE ( With MAIN RIFF on bass ) Dm C G I got a question for you i got a question where'd ya get your name from ,where dya get name from? Dm C G I got a question for you where do you see yourself in 5 minutes time? this riff is played on the synth over this bit
Dm C G With a laugh like that, with a look like that you make yourself feel gorgeous like its a joke Dm C G With a laugh like that, with a look like like that you make us all just go LA LA LA LAA CHORUS Dm F Am Oh oh, look out youre what she came for youre what she came for no question, no doubt X4
x8 MAIN RIFF VERSE Ive got a question for you, another question for you how do you feel girl, how do you feel? Why you wearing what your wearing where will your love be gone in 5 minutes time? So say something stupid you know that youd love tooooo CHORUS INTERLUDE C G Dm Youre what she came for Youre what she came for Hard on Dm OUTRO (Under the stage song) Dm F Am Dm F Am Bb G Dm i think thats pretty accurate but feel free to correct me
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