Freddie Stone - Let Me Pee tab

Here is another great song by Freddie Stone. Just basically play to
the Tune of Let it Be by the Beatles. and it is really self


      G            D
When I find my-self about to stumble,

Em              C
And Ive had too much to drink,

G                D
I stagger to the Bathroom ,

      C     G
Gotta Pee.

G                      D
There will be hours of waiting,

Em                             C
Because theres a line right in front of me,

G           D
Everyone is screaming,

C      G
Lemmie Pee.

Let me pee,

Let me pee,

Grab Myself,

Give A Squeeze,


       C     G
Let me pee.

Verse 2
Then the Constipated people,
Sit in there and never leave,
So I yell into the keyhole
LET ME PEE!!!!!!!!!!!! **** Actually stop playing and Scream

Chorus (Same Chords Different Words)

Let me pee,
Let me pee,
Cross my legs,
Give a squeeze,
I look like Quazi Moto,
Let Me Pee.

Verse 3

Now My Eyes Are Cloudy,
And a feeling has come over me,
Passed Out in the hallway,
Didn't Pee.
I wake up to the sound of urine,
Runnin through my new blue jeans,
My friends all stand there laughin,
Cuz i peed.

Chorus (Same Chords Different Words)

Cuz I peed,
Cuz I peed,
Couln't help I had the need,
Feelin Shame and Soggy,
Cuz I peed.

Cuz I peed,
Cuz I peed,
Shoulda went out in a stream,
Smell like Old Milwakee, **** Slow Down for this line
Cuz I peed.

Have Fun With this one!!!


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