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Cool song that really gets stuck in your head. Just repeat the main riff pretty much
the whole song. Theres a few solos that i didnt tab, i realize that, i dont have the time
but i might post them later. Just improvise around the 12th fret(improvising wont kill 
Remember that a solo doesnt have to be fast and difficult, three notes with a few bends
make a great solo too.

|-2-----|-------||-3--2~-|-0--2~-||-2--2~-|-1--2~-| -------- Main Riff/Chorus|-0--2~-|-2--2~-||----0~-|-2--0~-||-------|-0-----|
There are a few changes in the strum pattern in the song For example, in the chorus the guitar uses this pattern (Below)
Intro Tapping Riff:|----------------| x?|-10h12t14p12p10-| / h = hammer-on|----------------| - t = tap (that fret)(14th fret)|----------------| \ p = pull-off|----------------||----------------|
|----------------| x4 |----------------| x4 |-----| ---- Last time|-10h12t15p12p10-| |-10h12t14p12p10-| |-12~-| end on 12|----------------| |----------------| |-----||----------------| |----------------| |-----||----------------| |----------------| |-----||----------------| |----------------| |-----|
Intro Solo:|-------------------12------------------------||-10--10--12h14-14-----14--12h14-10h12p10-----||------------------------------------------2~-||------------------------------------------2~-||------------------------------------------0~-||---------------------------------------------|
"Make it Right Now" Verse:
^|------------------------| x? --------------------| On the first three chords|-2-2-2~----2~---2~---2~---------------------------| strum down, up, down.|-2-2-2~--1-2~-1-2~-1-2~---------------------------| Listen to it in the song|-2-2-2~--2-2~-2-2~-2-2~---------------------------| and youll figure it out.|-0-0-0~--2-0~-2-0~-2-0~---------------------------||---------0----0----0------------------------------|
Outro Solo: I just tap like this....|----------------|----------------|----------------||-10h12t14p12p10-|-10h12t15p12p10-|-10h12t17p12p10-||----------------|----------------|----------------||----------------|----------------|----------------||------|x?|------|------|x?|------|------|x?|------||----------------|----------------|----------------|
And bend every once in a while like this....|-12~~-||-15b~-||------||------||------||------|
Then throw in some improv and your golden! Sorry 'bout the solos but i had originally planned on tabbing out the chords and being done so this is "over the top" kinda. Check my "Bang Pop" tab by Free Energy aswell as my "Yeah Yeah Yeah" tab by New Politics. Ive got a pretty basic kinda crappy "Salute Your Solution" solo tab too. ------------------------ -----californiacane----- ------------------------ Get Back Here Johnny! ***RHCP***
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