Free Energy - Dark Trance chords

A D down on video street
Enight hearts beat
A D E where the fever's burning on
Aso come on
Djust be my sis
Eone last kiss
A D Ecause our lips are made with glass
A D E they're ready to broadcast rebel trash
Abut if you wait too long
F#mkeep telling yourself
D Ethat moment has already passed
A you're gonna miss that song
F#myou might never meet that girl
D then you blink oh
E A F#m D and that night is over too fast
E A you're making love to the past
A 2x (verse, same as above) kid, the love that we got the light we're on burns bright tonight, come on we belong to something we feel but we never can see do you know that we're always free? that's how we're supposed to be (Chorus, same as above) but if you wait too long keep telling yourself that moment has already passed you might miss that song you may never meet that girl then you blink oh and that night is over too fast well don't you want it to last?
A F#moh the sun is going down
D the night is coming round
Ethere ain't a single sight nor sound
A F#mand oh the feeling's coming on
Dthe city lights are gone
Ethe fever's gonna stay till dawn
A D A Eoh woah, woah, woah
A D A Eoh woah, woah, oh
A do you love her?
Ddo you wonder
A Ewhy the starship shines above?
Ado you love her?
Ddo you want her?
A Ehave you ever had enough?
(repeat as above for rest of song)
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