Frente - Goodbye Goodguy chords

if the chords don't sound right that's because they aren't all the chords are 
there they might just be a little off play around with it and it wont be too hard 
to get it perfect

D AI feel like my feet have forgotten the way to your door
D AI have my hands and my words but what are they for
Bm A EAnd you said you thought I was cute but Im just a cut flower
EAnd every seconds an hour
D AWe scream, scream, that wasnt the way that it was
D AI believe beauty was drowned in because
Bm A EMy mix and match memory has managed to make you a god
EAnd everything else I forgot
D AGoodbye
D AGoodbye
Bm AGoodbye
Bm AGoodbye goodguy
D AI want to tell someone invisible that its not fair
D AWere made up of moments and fingernails, toenails and hair
Bm A EAnd in between be and begin and a jail of clay
EHow can you love me anyway?
D AGoodbye
D AGoodbye
Bm AGoodbye
Bm AGoodbye goodguy
Bm AGoodbye goodguy
F#m AGoodbye goodguy
D ASomething was hovering over you boy, just then
D AYou scolded me, told me dont bother, and vanished again
Bm A EAnd everything perfect you said was just mirrors and wires
EYou look left, I was right
EHere with my feet in my fire
D AGoodbye
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye goodguy Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye... Goodbye Bm A E F#m Bm
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