Fresh Flesh - Electronic Device chords

Electronic Device by Fresh Flesh

Music and lyrics by Jake Brew

(Riff 4X)

Verse 1 (a):

DmGazing out to the sea
C GWatching the Sun's glint
DmFree I wish to be
C GFear is just a hint
Verse 2 (a):
Dm BbMy arms open wide
C GStanding at the end
Dm BbRaw energy can't hide
C G GMyself I must fend
C GDon't try to hog your heart
Bb DmYou'll drop and break apart
C GDon't trust your eyes no more
Bb C Dm GThere ain't eternal love
C GYou are the chooser
Bb DmJust listen to advice
C GBut don't be a loser
Bb C DmAnd be an electronic device
(Riff 2X) Verse 1 (b):
DmJust to jump free
C GFeel of rushing air
DmMy whole life I see
C GLosing all the care
Verse 2 (b):
Dm BbWater that surrounds me
C GSilence on all sides
Dm BbAt last I'm free
C G GFinally my heart glides
(Chorus) (Riff 2X) Outro (a):
C AWinds are always pounding
C ADust is blinding
Bb CBirds are always flouncing
DmNoise is grinding
(Riff 2X) Verse 1 (c):
DmSlow down while it's still time
C GTie it up before it ties you down
DmJump out and follow the sound
C GSo when it gets you he won't clown
Verse 2 (c):
Dm BbSky is classified
C GFor the dream believer
Dm BbVultures envy your flesh
C GIn darkness you'll shiver
(Chorus) (Riff 2X) Outro (b):
C AIf you wait you'll be the bait
C AIf you scream you'll go insane
Bb C DmIf you don't run they'll rule your soul
(fade out) Song Summary: V1: Dm C G - 2x V2: Dm Bb C G - 2x C: C G Bb Dm | C G Bb C Dm (G) | O: C A, C A, Bb C Dm
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